We're Nuts About Butts

This site is sponsored and managed by residents of Butts County, Georgia. It is neither approved nor disapproved by the local Chamber of Commerce, Jackson city nor Butts county governments. It is provided by neighbors who love their Butts. We hope that you become nuts about Butts as well. Come visit, enjoy our food and shopping, buy our gas and find your own hole to go fishing at Lake Jackson. Remember, if someone thinks your jokes about our county are in bad taste, just turn the other cheek.

We are looking to build our collection of Butts county history, Fun and funny yet family friendly photos, interesting records, cheeky jokes, stories and one-liners that make living and working in Butts county fun and a gas. Check out all our sections and email your additions to buttsnuts(at) gmail.com

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Butts Links: Butts County website | Butts County Chamber of Commerce | City of Jackson, Georgia | Visit "Citizen Butts" page on Facebook.
(Notice: these public Butts county links are listed for your assistance. The fact that these links are present on this page is neither an endorsement nor a disapproval of this site.)

Last Updated: April 10, 2011  Ok, supports of Citizen Butts on FB is growing. Keep your Butts pride on the streets.